Best Laphams Quarterly By Lewis H. Lapham – downloading–

Laphams Quarterly Amazing Books, Laphams Quarterly By Lewis H Lapham This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Laphams Quarterly , Essay By Lewis H Lapham Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You

Best Laphams Quarterly  By Lewis H. Lapham  – downloading–
  • Paperback
  • 221 pages
  • Laphams Quarterly
  • Lewis H. Lapham
  • English
  • 15 February 2018

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About the Author: Lewis H. Lapham

Lewis Henry Lapham was the editor of Harper s Magazine from 1976 until 1981, and again from 1983 until 2006 He is the founder and current editor of Lapham s Quarterly, featuring a wide range of famous authors devoted to a single topic in each issue Lapham has also written numerous books on politics and current affairs.Lapham s Quarterly

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    3.5 starsLike all of Lapham s this is a survey of the topic in the form of a compilation of writings and art by authors and artists from ancient times to contemporary You may not like or read every entry but there s always enough to keep you engaged or spark interest to read .

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    Yes, my dear sir, said Clifford, it is my firm belief and hope that these terms of roof and hearthstone, which have so long been held to embody something sacred, are soon to pass out of men s daily use, and be forgotten Just imagine for a moment how much of human evil will crumble away with this one change What we call real estate the solid ground to build a house on is the broad foundation on which nearly all the guilt of this world rests A man will commit almost any wrong he will heap up an immense pile of wickedness, as hard as granite, and which will weigh as heavily upon his soul, to eternal ages only to build a great, gloomy, dark chambered mansion for himself to do in and for his posterity to be miserable in He lays his own dead corpse beneath the underpinning, as one may say, and hangs his frowning picture on the wall, and after thus converting himself into an evil destiny, expects his remotest great grandchildren to be happy there I do not speak wildly I have just such a house in my mind s eye Then, sir, said the old gentleman, getting anxious to drop the subject, you are not to blame for leaving it Within the lifetime of the child already born, Clifford went on, all this will be done away The world is growing too ethereal and spiritual to bear these enormities a great while longer To me though, for a considerable period of time, I have lived chiefly in retirement and know less of such things than most men even to me, the harbingers of a better era are unmistakable Mesmerism now Will that effect nothing, think you, toward purging away the grossness out of human life All a humbug growled the old gentleman Then there is electricity the demon, the angel, the mighty psychical power, the all pervading intelligence exclaimed Clifford Is that a humbug too Is it a fact or have I dreamed it that, by means of electricity, the world of matter has become a great nerve, vibrating thousands of miles in a breathless point of time Rather, the round globe is a vast head, a brain, instinct with intelligence Or, shall we say, it is itself a thought, nothing but thought, and no longer the substance which we deemed it If you mean the telegraph, said the old gentleman, glancing his eye toward its wire alongside the rail track, it is an excellent thing that is, of course, if the speculators in cotton and politics don t get possession of it A great thing, indeed, sir particularly as regards the detection of bank robbers and murderers I don t quite like it, in that point of view, replied Clifford A bank robber, and what you call a murderer, likewise, has his rights, which men of enlightened humanity and conscience should regard in so much the liberal spirit, because the bulk of society is prone to controvert their existence An almost spiritual medium, like the electric telegraph, should be consecrated to high, deep, joyful, and holy missions Lovers, day by day hour by hour, if so often moved to do it might send their heartthrobs from Maine to Florida with some such words as these I love you forever My heart runs over with love I love you than I can and again, at the next message I have lived an hour longer, and love you twice as much Or, when a good man has departed, his distant friend should be conscious of an electric thrill, as from the world of happy spirits, telling him, Your dear friend is in bliss Or, to an absent husband, should come tidings thus An immortal being, of whom you are the father, has this moment come from God and immediately, its little voice would seem to have reached so far, and to be echoing in his heart But for these poor rogues, the bank robbers who, after all, are about as honest as nine people in ten except that they disregard certain formalities and prefer to transact business at midnight rather than exchange hours and for these murderers, as you phrase it, who are often excusable in the motives of their deed and deserve to be ranked among public benefactors, if we consider only its result for unfortunate individuals like these, I really cannot applaud the enlistment of an immaterial and miraculous power in the universal world hunt at their heels You can t, hey cried the old gentleman, with a hard look Positively, no answered Clifford It puts them too miserably at disadvantage For example, sir, in a dark, low, crossbeamed, paneled room of an old house, let us suppose a dead man, sitting in an armchair with a bloodstain on his shirt bosom and let us add to our hypothesis another man, issuing from the house, which he feels to be overfilled with the dead man s presence and let us lastly imagine him fleeing, heaven knows whither, at the speed of a hurricane, by railroad Now, sir, if the fugitive alights in some distant town and finds all the people babbling about that selfsame dead man, whom he has fled so far to avoid the sight and thought of, will you not allow that his natural rights have been infringed He has been deprived of his city of refuge and, in my humble opinion, has suffered infinite wrong

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    My standard parentheticals that apply to every issue of Lapham s Quarterly I have read to date 1 Lapham s Quarterly is the finest publication I read One could spend a decent college semester studying a mere handful of the 75 literary extracts and authors in each issue I feel my reviews are woefully inadequate 2 Each quarter per annum editor Lewis H Lapham and his staff assemble a compendium of thoughts on a particular subject from the span of written history 3 In L.Q I am exposed to the great minds of time immemorial without having to read the complete works of each, such is the state of the modern lackadaisical non classical education There are three sections of literary excerpts in this quarter s Voices In Time Stirrings 26 Uprisings 27 Evaluations 25 Total 78 Before the ViT sections are info graphic maps I usually give a cursory glance The map that really received my attention was the first one Political Revolutions, Uprisings and Rebellions There are 237 listed incidences charted left to right between 520B.C the Athenian Revolution 508B.C and 2014A.D Ukraine Kiev protests.Between 520B.C and 1740A.D 2,260 years are the first 55 incidents, 23.2% Between 1740 and arbitrarily chosen 1880 140 years there are 58 incidents, 24.5% Thus 47.7% of all the incidents occur in the first 2400 years Between 1880 and 2014 134 years are the remaining 124 incidents, 52.3% Dare I say the natives have become restless Such is the progress of humanity, striving for a sense of freedom To what do we owe this Reason Altruism A bit of both I suspect Definitely restless.The bourgeois vertiginous ci devants aspirant of risorgimento will enjoy Lewis Lapham s Preamble on the theme His command of the language, perhaps an attempt to drag hoi polloi like me to at least a microcosm of exposure to intelligent language and thought, never fails to give me pause to look up words to confirm or learn anew their meaning.The full page photo facing the Preamble shows executions of counter revolutionaries in 1979 Iran It s enough to tilt my aspirations in another direction Is this what Lewis means by his title Crowd Control Not quite As he notes in his first paragraph Why does no one have any use for it the word revolution except as an adjective, revolutionary, unveiling a new cell phone app or a new shade of lipstick p 17 Aristotle Nails It Revolutions The universal and chief cause of this revolutionary feeling is the desire of equality, when men think that they are equal to others who have than themselves or, again, the desire of inequality and superiority, when conceiving themselves to be superior they think that they have not but the same or less than their inferiors pretensions which may and may not be just Inferiors revolt in order that they may be equal, and equals that they may be superior Such is the state of mind that creates revolutions IN e QUA lity From Aristotle c 330 B.C to headline news today, yesterday, or any day in between Ad nauseam.Per Aristotle men and women of course desire equality, or they desire inequality when it is to their advantage.But it s not the existence of inequality itself, it is the desire, the dissatisfaction about it or with it I we they. am are. not satisfied with the way it is I we they want less other than the way it is.Not that there isn t injustice in the world Not that man s inhumanity to man since the beginning of time up to about the last five minutes or so isn t a horror to behold To me that is not what Aristotle or the modern day trumpeters of inequality isn t fair are referring.When is the desire right and when is it wrong It is that on which mankind cannot agree.It seems noteworthy that the civilization advances there is dissatisfaction, disagreement, revolution When does man and woman get a grip on his SELF and stop blaming everyone and everything around him and outside of his self for his circumstances.For further thoughts see my multi post elucidation here

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    As usual, another well crafted collection As usual it s all over the place, with selections from ancient Rome, poets, politicians, Frenchmen, and journalists revolutionaries and reactionaries It s all a bit much, and often quite disjointed, but somehow it still works The illustrations are a saving grace While similarly wild and non linear, they somehow lend a satisfying glue to the whole endeavor.

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    This issue is both exhilarating and tortuous, in that it makes the reader aspire to be someone who changes their environment, but sprinkles that emotion with spices of hopelessness, sadness and futility A well thought out collection and order of works.

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    The best one of these I have read so far They have all been really good, but the subject matter of this ones makes the essays blow the others away.

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