New Complete Little Orphan Annie Volume 2 by Harold Gray – downloading–

Complete Little Orphan Annie Volume 2Little Orphan Annie The Original Female Comics Hero Takes On Chiseling Business Men And A Gang Of Thieves, Armed Only With Her Sharp Wit And A Good Left Hook Then She Helps Her Surrogate Parents By Nursing Daddy Warbucks To Health And Helping Save The Silos Family Farm And Only That Little Chatter Box Could Become A Cross Between Robinson Crusoe And Dr Doolittle When She And Sandy Are Shipwrecked On A Deserted IslandEnjoy All The Unique Adventure And Earnest Charm Of Volume Two In The Library Of American Comics Presentation Of Little Orphan Annie, Containing Nearly , Comic Strips From October To November

New Complete Little Orphan Annie Volume 2 by Harold Gray  – downloading–
  • Hardcover
  • 321 pages
  • Complete Little Orphan Annie Volume 2
  • Harold Gray
  • English
  • 01 August 2017
  • 9781600101977

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About the Author: Harold Gray

Harold Lincoln Gray was an American newspaper artist and cartoonist.Gray grew up on a farm near the small town of Chebanse, Illinois He graduated from Purdue University with a degree in engineering, but as an artist, he was largely self taught A former letterer for Sidney Smith on The Gumps, he came up with a strip idea in 1924 for Little Orphan Otto The title was quickly altered by Chicago Tri

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    Harold Gray s Little Orphan Annie, in my opinion, is the best continuity strip ever Having first read several of her stories in the long out of print Arf The Life and Hard Times of Little Orphan Annie, 1935 1945, I am thrilled to see IDW and the Library of American Comics reprint the series from the beginning.

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    Ahh, nostalgia for the 50 s and spreading the Chicago Tribune out on the living room floor to read the comics Dick Tracy and Little Orphan Annie with their intricate plots and wonderful violence Now a days, Dick Tracy is a ghastly joke of a strip with incompetent writing and even worse art work Publication of a daily Orphan Annie strip ceased last month But any fan can get back into that world with this wonderful series of books with all the daily strips for two years and many of the Sunday panels Continuous stories instead of chopped up episodes like from other anthologies Of course, the constant monologues on the value of work and self reliance can get pretty boring One keeps wishing the Asp and Punjab would show up Bit Daddy can still get in there and clear out a cellar full of gangsters armed only with a hatchet And there are surprises, like Daddy promoting unions and government programs for Farmers Well, that will all change when FDR gets elected Darn, when will the Asp and Punjab show up Must be patient.

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    Little Orphan Annie helps raise the Pewters as a newspaper girl, fights for her wages as a waitress, is kidnapped by robbers, is reunited with Daddy Warbucks only to lose him again as he tries to rebuild his fortune, tries to keep her friend from being abused, and uncovers a money laundering scheme while working at a bank The interesting thing about Little Orphan Annie is that she seems to stand for the average man at the time Her stories usually revolve around the problems of the working class just ignore the fact that she s probably only 10 and continuously gets jobs held by adults The art is interesting, if not minimal, and the dialogue is fun and catchy.

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