Reading Shadow Point Deputy (Garrett Valor #1) by Julie Anne Lindsey – downloading–

Shadow Point Deputy (Garrett Valor #1) One Deputy Wants To Keep Her Safe.Another One Wants Her Dead Rita Horn Doesn T Know The Identity Of The Uniform Wearing Criminal Targeting Her But Officer Cole Garrett Vows To Bring The Rogue Deputy Whoever He Is To Justice Strong, Sexy And Determined To Protect, The Heroic Cop Sparks Feelings In Rita That She Can T Deny, Even As The Danger Swells Around Them.Garrett Valor

Reading Shadow Point Deputy (Garrett Valor #1)  by Julie Anne Lindsey  – downloading–
  • Kindle Edition
  • 256 pages
  • Shadow Point Deputy (Garrett Valor #1)
  • Julie Anne Lindsey
  • 01 January 2018

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About the Author: Julie Anne Lindsey

Julie Anne Lindsey is a multi genre author who writes the stories that keep her up at night She s a self proclaimed nerd with a penchant for words and proclivity for fun Julie lives in Ohio with her husband and three spunky children Today, she hopes to make someone smile One day she plans to change the world Julie is a member of the International Thriller Writers, Romance Writers of America ,

10 thoughts on “Shadow Point Deputy (Garrett Valor #1)

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    Didn t like the heroine She was so stupid Reading the word cried so many times in the book was annoying.Their relationship was also dull.Didn t bother finishing the book By the time I was halfway through the book I just didn t care what happened to anyone in the book.

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    To call this story riveting and intense doesn t do it justice I loved every moment of the heartfelt suspense and growing romance between Rita Horn and Officer Cole Garrett, I think these stories are getting better with each book and considering it started with a Five Spoon BANG, that says a lot I adored that the attraction between Rita and Cole had been sizzling in their minds and fantasies for a while without them making a contact But they had definitely noticed each other, and there is no doubt about the interest there, it is a palpable force that keeps them glued together during this time when Rita s whole world is exploding and Cole s time could be better used somewhere else within the investigation In a thriller like style, the author pulls the story tighter, scarier, eerier each moment without making big gestures or grand twists in the plot As I read the story, I was horrendously and constantly aware that there will be destruction and possible death coming, and there is absolutely nothing that can be done to stop the wave of crimes and attempted murders coming at their way The emotions were high, both in the story and in my mind, as the I bit my nails with teary eyes, hoping for...

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    This novel is a genius combination of romance, mystery and suspense If you want to get an emotional, thrilling read out of a novel, then this is it Shadow Point Deputy entertained me from the get go It brought out the different factors and emotions of the situations portrayed brilliantly, without going overboard Shadow Point Deputy is a novel that is a good read, because the emotions are perfectly balanced, and the story has many senses of intrigue.Rita Horn, an innocent young lady who was feeding the stray dogs she fed on the daily, found herself caught up and witnessing the conclusion of a possible murder scene She was chasing a stray dog who had blood on its paw, but she had soon found out that the blood Rita saw wasn t dog blood, it was human blood Rita, who may have seen a rogue officer as she was hiding behind a bush She ended up fleeing the scene, which the officer she saw in the distance, ended up witnessing The romance of the novel starts with a man named Officer Cole Garrett He ends up having a crush on the women who believes she is being stake...

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    I would give this book a 4.3 or 4.4 I liked the chemistry between the hero and heroine I would have preferred the heroine not to be so scared and immobile when things go wrong for them She froze so many times during c...

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    Lovely StoryI enjoyed the story of the Garrett brothers and the story in itself was very interesting I Can t wait for the next story of this family..

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    story was slow and dragging for a lot of the book At the end, it was rushed and under developed.

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    So enjoyed this story Highly recommend

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    I loved this book Great read.

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