Read Wildflower Park (Part 2) (Part 2): A Budding Romance (Wildflower Park Series) by Bella Osborne – downloading–

Wildflower Park (Part 2) (Part 2): A Budding Romance (Wildflower Park Series) Scape To Wildflower Park With Part Two Of A Brand New Four Part Serial From Bestselling Author Bella Osborne.Life S Not Always A Walk In The Park When Anna Is Dumped By Her Fianc , She Moves In To Her Own Place On The Edge Of The Gorgeous Wildflower Park And Pledges To Stay Off Men And Focus On Her Career, But A Handsome New Colleague Seems To Thwart Her Attempts At Every Turn And When She Receives An Accidental Text From A Mystery Man, Could It Be The New Start She Needs Or Someone She Really Shouldn T Be Falling For Anna S Neighbour Sophie Is A Stressed Out Mum Of Two With A Third On The Way Her Husband Is A Constant Frustration, And Their Children Are A Regular Source Of Newly Invented Swear Words And Unidentifiable Sticky Surfaces.Luckily, Anna And Sophie Have Each Other And Wildflower Park Proves To Be A Sanctuary As They Map Out A Path To Find The Happiness They Both Deserve Fantastically Funny, This Irresistibly Heart Warming Novel Will Charm Fans Of Milly Johnson And Jill Mansell.

Read Wildflower Park (Part 2) (Part 2): A Budding Romance (Wildflower Park Series)  by Bella Osborne  – downloading–
  • Kindle Edition
  • 87 pages
  • Wildflower Park (Part 2) (Part 2): A Budding Romance (Wildflower Park Series)
  • Bella Osborne
  • English
  • 02 July 2017

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About the Author: Bella Osborne

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Wildflower Park (Part 2) (Part 2): A Budding Romance (Wildflower Park Series) book, this is one of the most wanted Bella Osborne author readers around the world.

10 thoughts on “Wildflower Park (Part 2) (Part 2): A Budding Romance (Wildflower Park Series)

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    5 Juicy, Fun, Keeps getting better Ohhh does this story keep getting better and better.This is Part 2 and picks up right where part 1 left off.But do we get answers to the clifhanger Nope Bella has just planted juicy seeds and twists along the way to keep you guessing.This instalment sees Anna and Hudson become closer How and why you will just have to read it, my lips are sealed There are revelations, secrets, Anna finally meets her secret texter, family drama, crazy children antics, potential romances, blossoming friendships, fun, but a potential break up Wow looking back Bella had packed this instalment to the brim with juicy twists.Oh and be warned this part leaves you on a shocker of a clifhanger Although i suspected it, I didn t see it ending that way.I CAN T wait to delve straight in to Part 3 I am loving this series, and as always Bella s books just k...

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    The second book on this series is just brilliant great to hear about the friends and how they move forward in their lives Romantic while also heartbreaking but a really good read and makes you laugh in places to Anna is still trying to sort her life out after being dumped and she s reallocated friendly with Sophie but she s struggling with her marriage while also expecting another child so can she sort out her marriage or has it gone beyond that Also when ...

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    Book provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review In part 1 we get introduced to the characters, their situation, as well as the setting The main characters are Anna and Sophie Anna is dumped by her fianc and moves to a new place in Wildflower Park She wants to focus on her career, but that is not so easy A handsome new colleague or a mystery man, well, well Sophie is a mum of two and the third one is on the way, but her husband is no help at all I love how both of them are the main characters and their friendship is great to follow and read about In part 2 things are starting to heat up and make the story exciting Can t wait to see where things are going now Bella Osborne managed to put in cliff hangers and really ...

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    I read this second part in just one day, it s short, lovely, full of events and mysteries, just how I like my books There is so much going on in this series Anna has her head full of men Hudson, her cute colleague at work, Liam, her ex and Connor, the stranger with who she exchanges texts , Sophie has a crazy life with her 2 full on kids and a very relaxed husband who doesn t make a lot of efforts to help her at home Oh ...

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    Loving this series Can t wait for the next instalment Fun, frothy with a decent pace There are tear jerking moments and plenty of laughs throughout As well as the main character Annas story the supporting story involving her best friend Sophie is as intriguing and involving Mo...

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    Oh my goodness the second part in this series sees things starting to hot up I love the fact that we have Anna s story and Sophie s story to look forward to each time here The fact that they are friends would usually mean that one of them is a secondary character but I feel like they are each main characters and they are best friends so that makes their stories extra special Let me tell you, we get to find out a lot about Sophie s story in this installment Her situation is totally relatable but also makes me angry at the same time I am angry at her husband but also angry at her for not doing to speak up for herself and help herself somewhat, she needs to be a little honest with everyone around her and I really hope that we get to see that in parts 3 and 4 Anna s mystery text buddy gets a bit ...

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    Loving this series Unsure where I want any possible romance to go does she doesn t she Will have to wait and see Loving the comedy elements too Bring on the next installment.

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    am really enjoying this series so far and after I thoroughly enjoyed the first book in the series I had to wait patiently to get my hands on book two and I have to say now I have finished it, I thought it was a fantastic read and is definitely one I will be recommending I love the characters in the story, they are very well developed and I can really relate to them, I can also really sympathise with them as we are going through similar changes at work at the moment and the author has really nailed the proc...

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    I m really enjoying this series now The first one didn t give much away but when you think they re just over 100 pages long, it would be a bit hard for tons of action to start then We re only just getting to know the characters I really adore the cover of these series too They re so colourful, bright and just really draw you in I love the flowers, the swans and the pretty houses, everything just comes together perfectly and makes you want to read it.I really like Anna s character She seems to have gone through a lot in her life and I really feel for her I also feel equally as sorry for Sophie, she s got a lot on her plate and her husband Dave seems to be a constant disappointment I love the area in which they live, it sounds like a dream to back on to your own private park where only a handful of people are able to visit.In this series, it s starting to heat up a bit and Liam arrives back in Anna s life with a big bang She starts pretending to be in a relationship with Hudson whom she still has some disagreements with but since pretending to be in a relationship, the pair seem to be getting on a lot better As well...

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    Anna is not happy when her ex Liam turns up at work as an outside consultant and she is convinced it will cost her her job, especially when he appears to want to carry on where they left off even though he dumped her for another woman To throw him off the scent she pretends to be in a relationship with Hudson but ...

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