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Not If I Can Help It Willa Likes Certain Things To Be Certain Ways Her Socks Have To Be Soft And Definitely Can T Have Irritating Tags On The Inside She Loves The Crunch Of Popcorn And Nachos But Is Grossed Out By The Crunch Of A Baby Carrot And Slimy Foods Those Are The Worst.Willa Can Manage All These Things But There Are Some Things She Can T Deal With, Like Her Father S Big News He S Been Keeping A Big Secret From Her That He S Been Dating The Mom Of Willa S Best Friend Ruby Willa Does NOT Like The Idea Of Them Being Together And She Does NOT Like The Idea Of Combining Families And She Does NOT Like The Idea Of Her Best Friend Becoming Her Sister Overnight Will She Go Along With All Of These Changes NOT If She Can Help It

Read Not If I Can Help It  By Carolyn Mackler  – downloading–
  • Hardcover
  • 240 pages
  • Not If I Can Help It
  • Carolyn Mackler
  • English
  • 02 May 2019
  • 9780545709484

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About the Author: Carolyn Mackler

Carolyn Mackler is the author of the popular teen novels, The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things A Michael L Printz Honor Book , Infinite in Between, Tangled, Guyaholic, Vegan Virgin Valentine, and Love and Other Four Letter Words Carolyn s novel, The Future of Us, co written with bestselling author Jay Asher, received starred reviews and appeared on several bestseller lists Carolyn ha

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    E ARC from Edelweiss PlusWilla has struggled with a sensory processing disorder her whole life, but with supportive parents and some occupational therapy, she deals with it well enough that she doesn t even tell her best friend, Ruby, about it She fits in well enough at The Children s School in New York City, where her classmates are all abuzz waiting to hear what their middle school placements will be Willa and Ruby who loves soccer and is herself a bit anxious, especially since she seems to have a smaller bladder than everyone else are worried that they won t be at the same school Willa lives with her father and younger brother, and have a babysitter whom they really like Her mother lives two hours away, where she took a professorship after the parents divorced She is since remarried, and has approached Willa with the idea of living with her for middle school All of this anxiety makes it harder for Willa to control her body, and she does get some coping strategies from her therapist, and her teachers know how to redirect her as well When she finds out that her father and Ruby s mother have...

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    NYC 6th grader Willa is best friends with classmate Ruby, but Willa keeps her sensory disorder a secret When Willa s dad and Ruby s mom announce that they are dating and are planning to marry soon, instead of being thrilled to have her BFF as her sister, Willa is distraught about Ruby finding out about her unique needs that Willa feels will be seen as weird For example, she uses a full body compression sock bag to help calm her, she has weekly therapy with a sensory specialist, and she needs very specific clothing with no tags or seams or lumps Adding to the complicated dynamics, Willa has finally earned her dream dog, but Ruby is discovered to be severely allergic As the rest of their class worries about the arrival of their admission rejection letters from prestigious middle schools, Willa s worries are multitudinous This is a very appealing realistic school and family story One of Willa s eventual options is to move in with her mom and stepdad who liv...

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    I thought this was sweet, honest and surprisingly intimate Willa is fully aware of her SPD and is working hard to manage her outbursts and to control her reactions, and many kids will identify with her struggles The emotions are honest and are explored in a way that middle grade readers will recognize and self identify I appreciated the struggle Willa had between accepting change to her family structure, and her desire to keep her friendship pure I also appreciated that the divorced parents are a cohesive team, despite the mom having moved on and married someone else and living in another place No evil step parents or cliches here Mackler is known for her funny yet sensitive and relatable stories involving main characters who struggle with fitting in see The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things, Best Friend Next Door This time she explores life with Sensory Processing Disorder something she knows intimately since both she and her son have been diagnosed with SPD.Mackler does an excellent job of bringing us into Willa s world, and I felt every shiver and scratch described It s a lovely, sensitive read that explo...

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    5 5 for Not if I can Help It by carolynmacklerbooks I ve never read a middle grade book that specifically addresses sensory processing disorder before Put this book on your pre order list for all elementary and middle school libraries This is a wonderful windowsandmirrors book to help students better understand SPD and how it affects people physically and emotionally The rest of the story is wonderful, too Readers will be drawn to Willa and her intense emotions about her changing family Willa has sensory processing disorder, which means it s harder for her to be a person in the world than it is for most people She hates tight socks, slimy textures, strong smells and has trouble controlling her energy She s at the end of her fifth grade year and she and her best friend Ruby are excited to find out where they will be going to middle school Then their parents Willa s dad and Ruby ...

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    I felt like I was reading about my daughter I have never met anyone with sensory processing disorder, but so many facets of Willa were like my own daughter Sweet story Well plotted.

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    Had a Paula Danziger vibe Love that there were ninja warrior references and the sensory disorder is so familiar to my family Highly enjoyable.

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    kidlitexchange partnerThank you to the kidlitexchange network and the publisher scholasticinc for the advance copy of Not If I Can Help It by carolynmacklerbooks Not If I Can Help It will be released on July 30, 2019 Willa likes things a certain way and is not a fan of change She has a sensory processing disorder which means, as Willa explains it, that being in my body harder than it is for most people She usually only wears leggings and despises anything with itchy seams or annoying crinkles She loves gummy bears on her ice cream and dogs She actually met her best friend, Ruby, at an ice cream parlor called I Scream when they bonded over their love of gummy bears as a frozen treat topping Now, Willa learns that her dad is in love with Ruby s mom, and Willa IS NOT okay with that She doesn t want to have to give up her room if they get married and she s not too keen on the idea of her best friend becoming her sister overnight This book is all about Willa overcoming obstacles and having to decide whether or not she s going to let this big news ruin her life This is a unique book, in that it s the first book I ve read that has a protagonist with a sensory processing disorder The book focuses on the social and emotional affects of the disorder as well as topics of divorce, remarrying, blended families, and peer pressure Willa learn...

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    Willa lives with her dad and little brother in New York City Her parents are divorced Willa s mom and her second husband live a couple of hours away The 11 year old in Not If I Can Help It by Carolyn Mackler certainly has a lot on her plate.Willa has adjusted to her parents split, which would be difficult for any kid, but has been especially hard for Willa because she has sensory processing disorder Any change, little or big, rattles her, an issue she tries to keep to herself, and one she s never shared with her best friend Ruby, whose parents also are divorced Ruby lives with her mother.Willa loves dogs and wants one of her own something her dad promises will happen when she s in sixth grade the start of middle school which also sets Willa to worrying How will she adjust to leaving the school she s attended since kindergarten This problem is small potatoes when Willa finds out a big shocker Her dad is in love with Ruby s mother, and there s going to be a wedding.Sure Willa is close to Ruby, but she doesn t want Ruby to be her sister Add to this the fact that Willa has a longtime rival, Grade A Avery with the good parents, good dog and perfect parents, a real thorn in Willa s side Not If I Can Help It, is a well told story, informative and compassionate as it presents young readers with a character in flux,...

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    Not If I Can Help It does a great job of portraying the life of a young girl with Sensory Processing Disorder, as well as how both the kids and the adults in divorced, remarried, blended families try to navigate the complicated feelings of all those involved in their lives The characters in the book work hard to be supportive of one another, and it serves as a great role model of how to interact as respectful human beings Truly heartwarmin...

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    I was given an ARC from the publisher and am part of the LitReviewCrew of teachers who read and review books This MG novel gives amazing insight into the life of a child with a sensory processing disorder Willa is a 5th grader who describes her daily struggles with feeling comfortable in her own skin Not only that, she has a few family challenges thrown her way, which are difficult to deal with But this book is hopeful and relatable I think it would be a great addition to my classroom Th...

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