Free Download Future Astronaut By Lori Alexander – downloading–

Future Astronaut Ground Control To Major Baby Could You Be An Astronaut Does Baby Have What It Takes To Become An Astronaut That S An Affirmative, Houston Discover All The Incredible Ways That Prove Baby Already Has What It Takes To Become An Astronaut From Growing Healthy Teeth To Eating From Plastic Packs To Working In Small Spaces Includes Lots Of Fun Astronaut Facts To Help Prepare Little Ones For Takeoff Future Baby Is An Adorable New Board Book Series That Takes A Playful Peek Into An Assortment Of Powerful Careers And Shows Little Ones How Their Current Skills Match Up With The Job At Hand With Future Baby, Babies Can Be Anything

Free Download Future Astronaut  By Lori Alexander  – downloading–
  • Board Book
  • 24 pages
  • Future Astronaut
  • Lori Alexander
  • 01 October 2018
  • 9781338312225

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About the Author: Lori Alexander

Lori Alexander lives in Tucson, AZ, with her husband and two rock collecting kids Her family always brakes for road construction so they can admire the dozers and diggers Lori still secretly hopes a backhoe will follow them home This is her first picture book You can visit her online at

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    See my full review here ASTRONAUT is a completely charming and brightly colored book that compares astronauts to babies For instance, astronauts eat from plastic packs, and babies know how Each spread features a fact about astronauts paired with the comparison to baby This board book is absolutely delightful as baby learns the skills needed to be an astronaut as well as how he or she already has many of them.What I loved This book is full of diversity, both in astronauts and babies, showing men boys and women girls from a variety of ethnicities races The full page images are full of color and simple designs that appeal to the youngest of readers The facts are also really interesting, both for little ones and their parents, including some things I did not know, which is always an added bonus Babies and young toddlers will...

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    My thoughts This is a fun book about astronauts and what they do It shows what they have to do for their training in order to become an astronaut One the left page it shows real astronauts and what they do and on the right page it shows baby doing nearly the same.The words in the book go hand and hand with the illustrations The colors are eye appealing and fun The illustrations are well done and very child friendly I really enjoyed reading through this book as did my da...

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    First sentence Ground control to Major Baby Could you be an astronaut Premise plot Does BABY have what it takes to be an astronaut Through a series of checks, BABY is put to the test Astronauts can swim even in their flight gear Baby swims with gear, too Astr...

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    Ground control to Major Baby Could you be an astronaut Astronauts live and work in small spaces.Small spaces are baby s favorite places Engaging words pair with expressive illustrations in this fun board book by Lori Alexan...

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    Future Astronaut is as sweet as can be Alexander manages to create a view of an astronaut s world that kids can easily relate to I see a rash of astronaut s wannabes in our future

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