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The Animal FactoryThe Animal Factory Goes Deep Into San Quentin, A World Of Violence And Paranoia, Where Territory And Status Are Ever Changing And Possibly Fatal Commodities Ron Decker Is A Newbie, A Drug Dealer Whose Shot At A Short Two Year Stint In The Can Is Threatened From Inside And Outside He S Got To Keep A Spotless Record Or It S Ten To Life But At San Quentin, No Man Can Steer Clear Of The Brotherhoods, The Race Wars, The Relentlessness It Soon Becomes Clear That Some Inmates Are Equal Than Others Earl Copen Is One Of Them, An Old Timer Who Has Learned Not Just To Survive But To Thrive Behind Bars Not Much Can Surprise Him But The Bond He Forms With Ron Startles Them Both It S A True Education Of A Felon

Free Download The Animal Factory Author Edward Bunker  – downloading–
  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • The Animal Factory
  • Edward Bunker
  • English
  • 02 February 2019
  • 9780312267117

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About the Author: Edward Bunker

Edward Heward Bunker was an American author of crime fiction, a screenwriter, and an actor He wrote numerous books, some of which have been adapted into films.Bunker was a bright but troublesome child, who spent much of his childhood in different foster homes and institutions He started on a criminal career at a very early age, and continued on this path throughout the years, returning to prison

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    When Ron Decker is convicted of selling narcotics, he winds up in San Quentin Earl Copen, a long time resident, takes him under his wing As friendship buds between the men, can Ron stay alive long enough to get paroled Prison life has always held a strange fascination for me By most accounts, The Animal Factory is one of the better prison novels.Written during one of his prison stints, Edward Bunker crafts a tale of two men trying to get by in San Quentin Not surprisingly, it carries an air of authenticity There s an undercurrent of despair and desperation beneath Earl Copen s bluster In Ron Decker, he sees hope that he long abandoned for himself.Prison life in The Animal Factory is navigating a maze of violence, drugs, and death Earl teaches Ron to survive in prison and what it is to be a man and a friend It s a little deeper than I thought it would be going in.The ending was a good one, one of self sacrifice and showed that a glimmer of goodness resides within prison walls All things considered The Animal Factory was damn good Edward Bunker s depiction of prison life in the 1970 s is stark and brutal and I can t imagine that prisons have gotten better since then Kids, stay out of jail Four out of five stars.

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    Modest little 200 page novel about the friendship that develops between two convicts one in his late 30s, having spent most of his life in prison, and the other in his early 20s, having reached a bit too far for the good life within the walls of San Quentin It feels a bit like a workshop novel let s balance plot, character and dialogue, you can imagine Bunker thinking, hit all the right notes, and bring the plane in for a smooth landing And I think that s generally in keeping with Bunker s unpretentious, straight shooting style The Animal Factory 1977 was his second published novel, and he approaches writing with humility, aiming for competency rather than greatness That s probably commendable Still, there s a wildness to Bunker s memoir, Education of a Felon 1999 , that you don t really find here.

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    Eddie Bunker s thinly veiled autobiographical novel of his time in prison is a revelation of terse, authentic feeling, observational prose a prison novel that doesn t glamourise its setting or apologise for its violence, he takes the detached yet constantly on guard attitude of the long serving criminal and infuses an entire novel with it forcing the reader to constantly suspect the worst As such it s not an easy read, you find your shoulders tensing just waiting for an unnoticed shiv to come your protagonists way or the best laid plans to have the bottom fall out of them But it is a fascinating, incredibly enjoyable read I need a kid like I need a bad heart A pretty kid is a ticket to trouble and I m too old to ask for that Shit, I haven t even booked Tommy the Face in two years I m turning into a jack off idiot I ve seen Eddie Bunker in a few movies, essentially playing himself I m sure, but always thought he was just another criminal cashing in on a hard man image, like Mark Brandon Reed, so the thought of reading the work of a true original of American Letters never really appealed but it was the screenplay for Dustin Hoffman s incredibly impressive and largely forgotten 1978 film Straight Time that made me reassess the situation Instead of glorifying these men like a Tarantino Tarantino clone this was a film that spoke about the psychological aspect of being a criminal, the attempts to go straight, the internal conflict and the feeling of helplessness they feel after spending so long in prison and my interest in Eddie Bunker increased exponentially The Animal Factory hits that same level of quality, covers similar ground, is fascinating and honest and the idea of going to prison will scare the shit out of you forever .

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    Note to self, I won t be taken alive, stay out of prison.Written in 77 it was re released in the last few years A compelling and terrifying read Middle class drug dealer gets sent to San Quentin where he befriends hard con Earl Essentially a story of how prison makes criminals hardened just so that they can survive The story seems a bit dated and familiar, but that s probably because there have been many books, movies etc that have followed its footsteps.

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    i don t wanna go to no prison

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    His first published novel A bleak tale of life inside a maximum security prison It s not the Shawshank Redemption, it s the real deal.

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    This was ex con Bunker s second novel, and to some extent his inexperience shows there is unnecessary repetition, and the narrative is episodic Since he actually did time in San Quentin one assumes the setting and action are fairly authentic, but there is an odd streak of romanticism running through it all Do cons really sit in the Yard and read Teillard de Chardin Do they really quote Milton and pass around copies of Dostoevsky It s certainly a change from the countless lurid Hollywood movies depicting prisons are places of non stop violence, degradation, and melodrama I see from the IMDb that when this book was faithfully made into a movie some years back, audiences didn t like it because they found it too tame.On consideration, one sees that the squalor and horror are fully present in the novel, but to Bunker they are thoroughly normal, and so they seem underdramatized to those of us accustomed to movie histrionics His understated approach finally makes gang rape and kicking people to death seem like unavoidable parts of everyday life, to be noted and dealt with, but not central to one s inner life And it s in the unravelling of character that Bunker really excels his two main cons are skillfully characterized and come across as completely believable people They re sociopaths, but they aren t stupid, they are complex, and they change over time I found this aspect of the book really interesting, but if you re looking for an action thriller with things blowing up every few chapters you will likely be disappointed.

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    This was the first book of his that I ve read, and Bunker s style put me off slightly, in the beginning he seemed to be reaching in a pedantic way that called attention to the language, and thus got in the way of the plot Good thing the plot steamrolls like a fucking 18 wheeler barreling down a mountain without jack brakes The brutal imagery and complex tension between the main characters than makes up for the occasional awkward construction here and there Highly recommended for fans of bare knuckled Man lit.

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    The book is much better than the movie you get a much better idea of why Ron and Earl strike up a friendship, and much greater awareness of why they Earl would risk it all to try a break out after so many years of comfortable existence in jail Their dynamic is still really good that awkward tension between Earl s paternal and yet sexual desire for Ron, and Ron s platonic love for Earl.

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    I very rarely give five star reviews This book deserves it dark, gritty, true it has it all.The author s personal experience gives him the edge, but it s his style of writing that takes that edge and goes so much further Recommend.

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